COVID-19 Walk-Up Testing Booths 

The availability of safe and rapid testing is one of the most critical tools in the fight against COVID-19. In the weeks and months ahead, both the number of tests and availability of testing sites will need to grow exponentially. We believe Garmat' s innovative COVID-19 Walk-Up Testing Booth enables a rapid and effective roll-out of testing and vaccination sites.

This solution saves PPE and protects the provider while providing a more efficient way to test masses of individuals.

  • Superior Protection: By creating a fully enclosed, positive pressure environment within the booth and the implementation of HEPA filtration, we can significantly reduce contamination risk for the healthcare worker
  • More Tests, Faster: Walk-up testing booths enable rapid sample collection and can be deployed at significant scale, avoiding the logistical pitfalls of facility-based and drive-up alternatives
  • Save Scarce Resources: The fully enclosed testing booth requires no PPE and gloves can easily be decontaminated between sample collections
  • Ready to Operate: The COVID-19 Walk-up Testing Booth ships fully assembled on a pallet – plug into a standard 110 outlet, and you are ready to start testing!



COVID-19 Walk-Up Testing Booth 

Garmat wants to help stop the spread of Covid -19

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COVID-19 Walk-Up Testing Booth 

  • Contact-less testing protects the provider and saves valuable PPE 
  • Intake air brought in through overhead HEPA filtration
  • Positive pressure keeps the contaminants out
  • Chemical and puncture resistant gloves
  • Moves patients faster than drive through locations
  • Dual skin insulated powder-coated galvanized steel walled construction
  • Ships fully assembled, uses 110 V for operation

  • Suspended Table
  • Two Way Communication system.






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